KS4 Geometry and measure resources  

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2D shapes – identifying polygons (3)
2D shapes – identifying triangles and special quadrilaterals (2)
Angles – angles in polygons (3)
Angles – basic rules and parallel lines (8)
Angles – circle theorems (5)
Angles – three figure bearings (2)
Area and circumference (5)
Area and perimeter – compound shapes (5)  New resource!
Area and perimeter – polygons (3)
Averages and spread – mean, median, mode and range (1)
Basic numeracy (1)
Cartesian coordinates (2)
Christmas (2)  New resource!
Circles (3)
Compound measures (4)
Constructions (3)
Converting units of area and volume (1)
Coordinates - midpoint and gradient (1)
Dominoes, loop cards and treasure hunts (4)
Linear equations (1)
Linear graphs – finding the equation of a line (1)
Linear graphs – gradients (1)
Linear graphs – plotting and sketching (2)
Loci (1)
Measuring lengths (1)
Metric units (2)
Metric/imperial conversion (1)
Percentages – simple percentages (1)  New resource!
Posters and displays (2)
Probability scales (1)
Puzzles and games (1)
Pythagoras' theorem (9)
Revision (28)
Revision cards (6)
Rich tasks (9)  New resource!
Similar shapes (1)
Solids and nets – 3D geometry (2)
Solids and nets – identifying 3D shapes (2)  New resource!
Time, timetables and planning (1)
Transformations - rotation (1)
Transformations - translation (1)
Transformations of functions (1)
Transformations – enlargement (3)
Transformations – mixed (8)
Transformations– reflection (5)
Trigonometry or Pythagoras? (4)
Trigonometry – area of a triangle (1)
Trigonometry – sine and cosine rules (3)
Trigonometry – SOHCAHTOA (11)
Trigonometry – triangles and diagrams (5)
Types of numbers (1)
Vectors (1)
Volume and surface area (9)

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