Interactive resources


Get creative with our interactive templates for any topic

Make your own by adding any questions you like to our flexible interactives – choose from Matching, Sequencing, Snap or Maths Jigsaw, or get inventive with versatile Magnet.

Don't forget to try free Teachit Timer; keep your students on track with our huge interactive clock!

Explore shape and space with our visual interactives

Get to grips with the most visual of the maths disciplines with our clear, versatile shape and space demonstrations, from estimating angles to sketching transformations.

Check out The Complete Angler for some bonus features; you can save tasks to create your own worksheets and interactive quizzes.
Create your own angle quizzes and worksheets.

The Complete Angler

Get measuring with our on-screen protractor.

Straight line angles

Get measuring with our interactive protractor.

Turning angles

Create your own shapes to explore.

Make and measure

Transform shapes around the screen.

Rotate, translate and reflect

Find the order of rotational symmetry.

Rotational symmetry

Save time with our fantastic interactive clock.

Teaching clock

Create your own volume worksheets.

Surface area and volume

Interactive classics for essential skills

Keep core maths skills fresh and snappy with our versatile Number and Algebra interactives.
For fantastically fun number games, try Scramble or Bubble multiples, or cover the basics with Counting Joe or Fraction wall.

Interactive multiplication fun - free to all users!

Bubble multiples

An interactive algebra factory!

Function machine

Discover ratios with a range of examples.

Ratio and scale

Get to grips with equivalent fractions.

Fraction wall

Discover fractions with our visual interactive.

Shape fractions

Explore patterns in tables up to 15.

Multiplication grid

Classic lift and thermometer examples.

Negative numbers

Visualise your rapid subtraction skills.

Find the difference

From multiplication facts to mixed numbers!

Division by grouping

Deconstruct numbers with our Place value cards.

Place value cards

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