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Addition and subtraction (17)
Angles – basic rules and parallel lines (1)
Area and perimeter – compound shapes (1)
Averages and spread – mean, median, mode and range (2)
Basic numeracy (4)
Calculator skills (14)
Christmas (3)
Decimals (17)  New resource!
Dominoes, loop cards and treasure hunts (7)
Exponential growth (1)
Fractions – equivalent, mixed and improper (15)  New resource!
Fractions – fraction calculations (13)
Fractions – fractions of amounts (13)  New resource!
Fractions/decimals/percentages (13)
Functions (1)  New resource!
Indices (5)
Indices – integer powers (2)
Inequalities (2)
Linear equations (1)
Maths in context (4)
Metric units (1)
Multiplication and division (32)  New resource!
Negative numbers (9)  New resource!
Number patterns (1)
Number properties – factor pairs (5)  New resource!
Number properties – HCF / LCM (7)
Number properties – mixed (13)  New resource!
Number properties – multiples (4)  New resource!
Number properties – prime factors (5)
Number properties – primes (1)
Number work (7)
Order of operations (BIDMAS) (8)
Percentages – compound percentages (5)
Percentages – profit and loss (4)  New resource!
Percentages – simple percentages (19)  New resource!
Place value (3)
Posters and displays (10)
Powers of 10 (5)
Probability scales (1)
Puzzles and games (3)
Question generators (2)
Ratio and proportion (10)
Revision (3)
Revision cards (1)
Rich tasks (5)  New resource!
Rounding and estimating (11)
Sequences - special types (3)  New resource!
Sequences – nth term (4)
Sequences – term to term (4)
Solids and nets – identifying 3D shapes (1)
Standard form (7)
Types of numbers (9)  New resource!
Use of a calculator (13)

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