Key stage 4 maths resources

Key stage 4 is a vital time for students and it is more important than ever that students achieve the required grades. Our resources cater for all abilities and all areas of the maths curriculum. Use our teaching activities and worksheets to teach key GCSE Maths skills to your students.

KS4 Algebra

Build up skills in algebra topics including:

  • linear equations
  • quadratics
  • sequences
  • substitution.

KS4 Geometry

Get to grips with geometry including:

  • 2D shapes
  • angles
  • transformations
  • trigonometry.

KS4 Number

Explore our number resources including:

  • fractions
  • prime numbers
  • properties
  • ratio and proportion.

KS4 Probability

Use these theoretical and practical ideas including:

  • coin tossing
  • pin dropping
  • theoretical probability
  • dice games.

KS4 Statistics

Our statistical teaching ideas cover:

  • averages and spread
  • data collection
  • graphs
  • data analysis.

All KS4 resources

An alphabetical list including:

  • averages
  • indices
  • Pythagoras
  • volume and surface.
You may find our resources for key stage 3 maths useful to help build up some basic skills, or your higher level students might benefit from some of our key stage 5 activities.

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