KS4 Algebra resources  

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Addition and subtraction (1)
Algebraic fractions (2)
Area and perimeter – polygons (1)
Christmas (2)  New resource!
Circles (2)
Collecting like terms (4)
Composite functions (2)
Decimals (1)
Dominoes, loop cards and treasure hunts (3)
Expanding brackets (6)
Expanding/factorising single brackets (3)
Factorising polynomials (2)
Formulae and substitution (17)
Fractions – equivalent, mixed and improper (1)  New resource!
Fractions/decimals/percentages (1)
Functions (6)
Graphs - drawing graphs (2)  New resource!
Indices (3)
Indices – integer powers (2)
Indices – negative/fractional powers (2)
Inequalities (6)
Inverse operations (2)
Iteration (5)
Kinematics in one dimension (1)
Linear equations (9)
Linear graphs – finding the equation of a line (7)  New resource!
Linear graphs – gradients (6)
Linear graphs – plotting and sketching (10)
Non-linear graphs – circles (1)  New resource!
Non-linear graphs – general transformations (1)  New resource!
Non-linear graphs – quadratics and cubics (3)
Number properties – mixed (1)  New resource!
Posters and displays (1)
Proof (8)
Pythagoras' theorem (1)
Quadratics – completing the square (6)
Quadratics – factorising and expanding (16)
Quadratics – solving quadratics (14)  New resource!
Quadratics – the quadratic equation (11)
Quadratics-quadratic inequalities (1)
Real-life graphs (1)
Revision (25)
Revision cards (2)
Rich tasks (4)  New resource!
Sequences - special types (6)  New resource!
Sequences – nth term (11)
Sequences – term to term (7)
Simultaneous equations (7)  New resource!
Sketching curves (2)
Substitution (6)
Surds (2)
Transformations of functions (4)
Trial and improvement (2)
Trigonometry – area of a triangle (1)
Types of numbers (1)  New resource!
Volume and surface area (3)

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