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Published: 18/01/2021
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10 things parents want teachers to know about home learning

This tips resource brings together ten things parents wish teachers understood about having to oversee home learning during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. From realistic deadlines to regular feedback, these ideas will help teachers better support both parents and students at this stressful time.

An example tip from the resource:
Provide answers. If you are expecting parents to mark their children’s work, make sure you provide answers. Don’t forget to double check that the answers are accurate to avoid frustration and confusion. Even if parents don’t need to mark work on your behalf, including answers can be a useful support tool, so that they know their child is on the right track.


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Anna Bagi
Anna Bagi
I find some really good points here. I totally agree with making as simple as possible for parents and students, hence things like answers and catch up videos, etc are very useful. Just bear in mind that teachers are also thrown into this situation and may well find this style of teaching challenging, especially with hands on, practical subjects and where are no ready made online resources. I think with maths, we are quite lucky in this regard.

Point 7, in a primary school, a teacher may have one class, but in a secondary, s/he may well have several hundred students, so the assessment and feedback that can be done in a classroom in seconds when you walk around, see students' work, see their facial expressions and can guide and help them in the process there and then is lost, so there also needs to be a realistic expectations for teachers regarding the frequency and the amount of feedback they do online. In many cases previous boundaries are broken down and whereas there would be parents evening at a set date, now a teacher can receive emails from students and parents any time, including weekends, depending on the school's policy.

Also bear in mind that many teachers also have their own children a home, who they are home teaching at the same time.

In any case, I find the tips useful and something to bear in mind, especially as I have seen a friend and her child stressed out and in tears, because they didn't understand the work and couldn't manage the workload.
Posted on 7th February 2021

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