Understanding algebra at year 7 Understanding algebra at year 7

64 pages

Understanding algebra at year 7

(KS3) | Teaching pack
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Understanding algebra at year 7 will help your students develop their understanding of algebraic vocabulary and notation and improve their reasoning skills.

Featuring a range of mix-and-match starters, main activities, and plenaries alongside research and discussion tasks, home learning opportunities and an assessment, this pack is the perfect way to introduce algebra at KS3.

Key features:

  • starters, main activities, plenaries, group and independent learning tasks
  • suggestions to support and challenge
  • end-of-unit assessment
  • answers included.

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Camilla Clarkson, Teachit maths editor.
Camilla Clarkson, Teachit maths editor.
Thank you for your comment. As you know, all our resources, including the teaching packs, are written by teachers for teachers. We know that no two maths teachers will have the same view on how to teach key topics such as algebra, and we respect the approach our writer has used in his work on this pack. One advantage of the mix-and-match format is that it allows teachers to choose the sections that they feel will work best for their students and their teaching. That said, we would also love to see other ways of approaching this topic at its early stage and would be keen to see any ideas that you have.
Posted on 4th February 2020
Nicola Trubridge
Nicola Trubridge
Whilst there are some nice ideas in here the whole section on using fruit to collect like terms and the nonsense of strawberries divided by apples is NOT going to help students 'understand' algebra but instead lead to developing more misconceptions at a later date. I would suggest that those elements need a rethink before inexperienced teachers buy this and actually think that it is a good way to introduce those key concepts.
Posted on 8th January 2020
Peter GOKO
Peter GOKO
Not used the resources yet but they look great. I particularly like the group and independent learning tasks.
Posted on 30th December 2019


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