Mathematics transition resources

Ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school with these resources for year 7.

Number work

Develop skills with use of number, including:

  • 4 rules
  • number properties
  • fractions, decimals and percentages.

Use of a calculator

Develop the increasingly important skill of efficiently using a scientific calculator with resources, exploring:

  • using the various keys confidently and efficiently
  • understanding the impact of BIDMAS.


Pave the way for increasing use of algebra in mathematics at secondary school with resources on:

  • the idea of an unknown
  • basic algebra manipulation.


Build on geometric skills to prepare for more challenging concepts, with resources on:

  • properties of shapes
  • measurement.

Probability and statistics

Develop skills in the area of probability and statistics to prepare for challenging ideas. We have resources on:

  • collection of data
  • ways of displaying data.

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