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A new year and the new KS3 curriculum!

Welcome back!  It’s the joy of new exercise books and new enthusiastic students. Long may it last!

There’s always a real buzz of anticipation in September but even more so this year with the opportunities offered by the new KS3 National Curriculum. 

With that in mind we’ve commissioned and published new resources to support you in the classroom.  Have you used the new KS3 resources below yet?

The Teachit Maths team

Inequalities and BIDMAS

Numbers are the building blocks of maths.

This inequalities PowerPoint explains the topic in simple terms and this BIDMAS resource provides a fun way of checking understanding. Students will quickly develop solid numerical foundations.

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Latest resources

Latest resources

Donkey derby
Real-life graphs

The number of the week
Numeracy – maths in context

Inequalities on number lines